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San Diego's Housing Crisis

San Diego’s Housing Crisis You hear it all the time – San Diego is one of the most expensive cities in the country – but have you ever stopped to think how this affects our friends, neighbors, family or even the community at-large?


Sadly, many hard working San Diegans can no longer afford to live here and reasonably cover medical, nutrition and other necessities, so they move to outlying communities that are more affordable. This leads to long commutes, increased transportation costs, traffic congestion, degraded quality of life and an economic drag for employers through lost productivity.


Permanently affordable housing not only provides close-in homes for these individuals and families, but can stabilize neighborhoods, increase educational attainment for children, improve health, provide an opportunity for wealth accumulation and reduce dependence on public services.  


The San Diego Community Land Trust is a 501(c)(3) non-profit whose mission is to create and preserve affordable ownership homes to working families that earn less than 120 percent of the San Diego Area Median Income. 

We do not have any projects currently in the pipeline.


Learn more about Homeownership programs in San Diego County:
San Diego Habitat for Humanity 
San Diego Housing Commission 


We encourage you take part in a HUD certified Housing Counseling program.  These programs provide education and counseling about the home buying process and what you need to qualify for assistance or qualify for a mortgage. Click here for list in San Diego County.

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