SDCLT Mission

The San Diego Community Land Trust is a 501(c)(3) whose mission is to create and preserve affordable ownership opportunities for working families that are otherwise priced out of the expensive real estate market in San Diego County. Home ownership through SDCLT provides the opportunity for equity  and wealth accumulation, albeit with resale restrictions and limits on appreciation in order to preserve homeownership affordability for future generations of income-qualifying families. In addition, SDCLT's stewardship provides on-going support to owners, monitors improvements and maintenance, intervenes when financial problems arise and seeks neighborhood participation in the management of the organization thereby enhancing neighborhood stability.

Why What We Do Is So Important

San Diego's Homeownehip Affordability Index ranks among the lowest in the country with the third highest perecentage of working households with a severe housing cost burden. This housing crisis impacts lower wage working familiies such as those in San Diego's vital tourism, retail, hospitality and agriculture industries, teachers, public safety workers , recent gradutates and the growing senior population living on fixed incomes as well as returning veterans and the disabled. As a result many working families are forced to live in outlying communities yielding long commutes that increase congestion, degrade the environment and quality of life, or are forced to live in substandard housing or spend less on healthcare, nutrition and education.

Achieving Our Mission

SDCLT is responsible for all of the functions necessary to bring permanently affordable homes to fruition from acquisition of land for development or existing units, development or rehabilitation, marketing of homes to income-qualified working families, educating prospective buyers about the rights and obligations of homeownership, monitoring and enforcing homeowner compliance, managing resales and intevening in cases of homeowner mortgage default. SDCLT performs these functions directly or through its partners such as Community Housing Works.

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